Petaling Street Chinatown Melbourne

I was craving for Malaysian Food today and my first thought was Petaling Street, which is usually a cheap and easy option in the CBD.  I’ve been to the Swanston Street venue many times and now they’ve opened a new and improved version in Chinatown, so I thought I better check out the new place. From outside on Little Bourke it looks small but once you go upstairs it is very big. They decorated it quite nice, makes you feel like you are in Malaysia and they have a bar now!


I usually order their fish which my favorite is the Thai style with sweet and sour sauce but today I decided to try something new.

So for entree we ordered the Lobak and Fried Wonton.



I also had the Iced Longan drink which was nice and fresh, definitely reminded me of something I would have in Asia.


For mains, we ordered the Cantonese Pork Ribs and Breast Duck Claypot with Ginger.

Petaling-Pork ribs


Overall the food is okay and reasonable value and it cost us less than $50 for all of the above.  Personally, I might go to this place occasionally and try different food each time but wouldn’t hurry back.  The entrees were standard, nothing too special though.  The pork ribs were good, but the dish was relatively small.  The duck was just OK – the sauce & vegetables tasted great but the fact that it had too many bones for our liking.

Petaling Street (China Town) on Urbanspoon

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