Green Field

Because I live in Brunswick there are always plenty of options for dinner and one of my very favourite places to eat is Green Field on Sydney Road. Green Field is always busy, is no more than a five minute walk from my front door and serves delicious and cheap Vietnamese/Chinese cuisine.

Green Field

For entree we order the prawn spring rolls & the lemongrass beef skewers.

Green field-beef lemongrass

Green Field-spring roll

Both entrees were good choices, but we thought the beef skewers could have come with some dipping sauce, they were a little bit dry.

For the mains we had the Garlic Temptation with Prawns and Combination Fried Noodles.

Green Field-Garlic Prawns

Green field-noodle combination

Both dishes tasted delicious. The only thing I would say is that there was a bit too much celery with the prawn dish, but the sauce and prawns were great. The noodles was something I have had several times before but will definitely order again, the flavour is so good and the ingredients are all fresh.

Green Field remains one of my local favourites and will continue to go back! The staff are friendly and the service is good, the restaurant is also kid friendly if families want to go along. I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys Vietnamese/Chinese food.

Green Field Asia Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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