After work this afternoon I got out to do a bit of Christmas shopping, but lost patience with it because the shops are so busy and the weather was bad.  After spending time in Myer and David Jones, I got what I needed to so started to think about what I wanted to have for dinner.

I decided instead of having dinner in the city I would escape back to the familiar surroundings of Brunswick.  I am blessed to live in an area with so many options, I have lived here for about half a year and have not tried even half of them yet.  We decided that Japanese would be nice to have after such a hot day, so thought Matsumoto would be a good choice.

This place is located at the top end of Lygon Street, about a 15 min walk from my house.  It seems  busy every weekend when I’ve been past.  I have had take away from there on one occasion before and enjoyed it.



Matsumoto dinner

First entree is Deluxe Sashimi. It included the usual Salmon, Tuna, King Fish, and also Scallops and Oyster.  Everything tasted very nice and was all fresh.

Matsumoto sashimi

My all time favourite Japanese entree that has never failed me is Takoyaki, so I chose that. I was pleased to discover that this is one of the best!  Very generous sized dumplings and the octopus in the fillings was beautiful and chunky.  Quite often you get Takoyaki from Japanese places where the octopus is barely noticeable.

Matsumoto takoyaki

The first main is Yakiniku Don. This was a lovely & sweet dish and the portion size was perfect.


Matsumoto YAKINI DON

Also ordered Yakisoba, fried noodles with beef and vegetables. I normally love Yakisoba, however this dish was too salty for me and I didn’t end up finishing it.  The beef was very nice and tender but as I mentioned the sauce was too salty. But other than that, all the other dishes tasted great.

Matsumoto YAKISOBA

I recommend this place for Japanese food lovers, but make sure you have reservation if you are planning to have dinner on a weekend. Being a Thursday, we did not make any reservation but were quite lucky to grab one of the last remaining tables.

Matsumoto on Urbanspoon

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