Maxxii Moo

Maxxi Moo is one of my favourite cafe destinations for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s located very close to my apartment. Secondly, the staff are all warm and friendly, and last but certainly not least, they serve delicious food.


The cafe is spacious and kids friendly. They have a section in the corner for kids to play and they have a projector running cartoon movies all day.

maxiimoo coffee

When we eat at Maxxi Moo I normally just have breakfast but this time we went a bit later in the day so tried the lunch menu. But regardless, I always order their coffee which never fails to deliver.

maxiimoo spaghetti

I chose Prawns Linguine, the dish comes with prawns, cherry tomatoes, cheese and herbs.  There is a slight taste of chilli in the dish but was not overpowering at all. It tasted delicious and the portion is just right and you still have room for another coffee or dessert.

MaxiiMoo Steak sandwich

My boyfriend ordered the open Steak Sandwich which comes with chips and tomato sauce.  The Steak is cooked beautifully and he is happy about it.

maxiimoo chilli addiction

And our friend who ate with us was curious about one of the new breakfast menu items which is Chilli Addiction.  He is happy with the meal, loved the poached eggs and the chilli.  It also comes with bacon, avocado and rocket.

I definitely recommend this cafe for anyone in the area, especially families with kids. As I mentioned at the beginning all of the staff are friendly and the food is great.  I will definitely be returning in the not too distant future.

Maxxii Moo on Urbanspoon

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