Coconut House

Tonight’s meal was from Coconut House, located close to Victoria Market on Elizabeth St.  Coconut House is a very cheap and popular option for Malaysian food in the CBD.  It is so popular in fact that they have two restaurants that are situated just a couple of doors apart.  The one kitchen services them both.

coconut house

The entree we ordered to share was the Chicken Chop, which according to the menu is their famous dish. It comes served with chilli sauce and is very crispy. Generally in this place it does not really matter if its entree or main, they will serve whatever is cooked first so this is a good side dish to have with whatever else you order.

coconut house crispy chicken chop

The first main we had was Mee Pok (sort of wide noodles) with minced pork, BBQ pork and prawns with soup on side. Nice and tasty, but it’s a bit oily for me personally.

coconut house noodle

The other dish we ordered is Nasi Lemak Nyonya Chicken Curry. My boyfriend does not like anchovies & we asked for it to come without them on the dish, but they still delivered it to our table with anchovies on the side.  We’ve been here a few times, all of the times we’ve asked for it to come without anchovies the dish arrives promptly with a small serving of those salty little fish for us to leave behind.  The rest of the dish was tasty though, the sambal on the side was quite spicy but the creamy runny texture of the fried egg helped to balance that out.

coconut house nasi lemak

Coconut House is an OK place to eat if you want a cheap Malaysian meal in a hurry.  The service is fast, in fact a little too fast.  The restaurant is very noisy and it’s not somewhere you would go to have a relaxing meal.  I’ve had the laksa in the past and it’s not bad, but if I was craving a laksa I would probably just travel a little further out and go to Laksa King.

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