Charming Spice

This will be my first blog entry of a restaurant I didn’t really like.

On Wednesday night I bought tickets to see The Hobbit at Melbourne Central but had time to grab some dinner before the movie.  We had a quick look on Urbanspoon for good restaurants nearby and it recommended this place on Lonsdale Street.  It is located up some steep stairs, and when I arrived up at the top I was surprised how big the dining area is.

We had a good look at the menu while there was plenty to choose from, there was not that much that caught my eye.


We ordered Szechuan Dim Sum as entree. Honestly, I did not really read the description on the menu but I thought Dim Sum is pretty much the same everywhere. The dish tasted weird for me, rather bland and actually doesn’t taste like meat at all.  My boyfriend and I  had a bite each and that’s about it.


The main course is Spicy Capsicum Pork. This dish was not too spicy, but it was very salty.  The sauce tasted OK but overall it wasn’t to my liking.   One thing I did notice is how big the portion sizes were, we could almost have just eaten this dish and been full.


We also ordered Szechuan Fried Rice. When I think szechuan I think spicy but it wasn’t at all, but like the pork it was too salty for me.  Also like the pork it was absolutely huge.  You could almost feed a whole family with this plate of rice.

Being so salty and so large we didn’t finish any of it, but the food was only average.

I don’t think I’ll be making the trip back up those big stairs to Charming Spice, being a 100m walk from Chinatown there are almost hundreds of better options for Chinese food in the area.

I did enjoy The Hobbit though and would recommend that!

Charming Spice on Urbanspoon

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