Jimbo and Rex

It had been several months since I’ve been to Crown Casino and after going there on Tuesday night, I realised that there’s many things that have changed. One in particular is this restaurant called Jimbo and Rex, which is located exactly where The Pub At Crown used to be.  After we had a quick look at the menu outside, we thought we’d give it a try.

We arrived quite early (around 5.30pm on a weeknight) because we were going to a 6.30pm session at Village Cinema upstairs.  So we weren’t going to order too much, just a main each.



I ordered Spaghetti & meatballs cooked with tomato & capsicum sauce. The sauce was tasty and meatballs were great. Spaghetti always has been my favourite type of pasta and wherever I go, if pasta is available, I consider trying. Generally my favourite is Marinara or something similar, so for me to branch out and pick this dish is a bit out of the ordinary. The reason that I hardly order spaghetti bolognese because most of them the sauce is too rich,  so it was a little bit of a nice surprise that the sauce was delicious and not too rich.


The other dish is Jimbo & Rex burger. Grilled beef, gruyere cheese, egg,dill pickle, spicy relish, smoked bacon.

I look around and see that lots of people order this burger including the couple next to our table. We found that it was a good quality pub burger, the chips it arrived with were nice and thick also.  Neither of us really ate much of the Coleslaw it arrived with, but we’re not really big fans of Coleslaw.

Overall, it is a good place to grab a relatively inexpensive pub type meal in the Crown complex.  The staff were all friendly and the area is very new and well presented.  I would recommend to anyone who is at Crown looking for this type of food for a good price.

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