Rose Garden

There are heaps of Chinese restaurants out there that are reasonably priced and serve good meals, and I’ve now discovered that Rose Garden is one of them. The place is quite small but they do have tables outside. The service is fast and the waiter who took our order was friendly.

I heard about this restaurant sometime ago. My friends said to me that the food is really good, always busy and crowded. It is located close to Victoria Market near Coconut House, a Malaysian restaurant I recently reviewed. I’ve been meaning to try Rose Garden for some time but hadn’t got around to it, so am glad I finally made it along.  There are so many options on the menu, but one thing they do is have a list of ‘Rose Garden’s top 10’ – presumably this is their 10 most popular dishes, so this made it easy for us to select something.


I ordered Spicy Chicken Ribs. I always like Spicy Chicken Ribs and my favorite place to have this meal is at Dessert House. The chicken ribs are good and tasty, but it is very interesting that they served it with soy bean sauce on top of the rice which is one of my favourite tastes. I definitely have a new place now to have my spicy chicken ribs, this was better than Dessert House!


My boyfriend ordered Shredded pork and shitake mushroom with fried egg noodles. It was really good, I had a taste of it and enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this place and would recommend to anyone who likes Chinese food. They serve great food, service was efficient and friendly (this is uncommon at cheap Chinese restaurants) and most of the meals are about $10. There’s plenty of other stuff on the menu that I would like to try, so I am looking forward to when I can return to Rose Garden.

Rose Garden BBQ on Urbanspoon

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