Green Refectory

Yesterday we again decided to try another breakfast venue in the Brunswick area.  One cafe I haven’t tried but is always very busy is Green Refectory.  It is located on Sydney road, opposite the Barkly Square Shopping Centre. It looks small from outside but once you are inside they have lots of table everywhere, inside, in several rooms within the building and also in the backyard courtyard that seemed very popular on this sunny morning.

They do not have written menu so you have to come and see the menu on the big blackboard behind the register.  It is slightly inconvenient to stand there for more than a few seconds to decide what you want because there are lots of people ordering at the counter as well as people who are trying to pass to grab themselves a table, or depart after their meal.


We ordered our lattes as per normal and the coffee was good.


For breakfast I ordered Scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon and an extra sausage. Overall I enjoyed it, but the portion was too big and I did not end up finishing it.


My boyfriend ordered the big breakfast. It came with an Egg on toast, bacon, spinach, grilled tomatoes, mushroom, baked beans, onion, avocado and sausage.  The name certainly described the dish well, it was absolutely huge.  He was also not able to finish it, in fact he probably ate just over half of it.  It was a good price at $15, but just too big.

This place is good for breakfast but it is not a place that I can go every week, being very busy it is not exactly a relaxing place to go to, something that I do look for in a great breakfast venue.  Just make sure if you do go, you’re hungry because as I mentioned the meals are huge.

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