If you’ve read my profile here, you would known that I am Indonesian so obviously I love Indonesian food. There are lots of Indonesian restaurants in Melbourne but I only have been to a few of them.

This time I will write about a little Indonesian restaurant in South Melbourne called Meetbowl.  It is a place with simple furniture and no fancy decorations. You need to order and pay in the counter, grab your own cutlery and if you want water, this is provided in the fridge which you have to help yourself to. Service is good,  despite that you have to do everything yourself, the place has friendly and warm environment. They also have fried onion which is my favorite to add with any dish and few sort of sauces, like kecap manis, sambal and sweet & sour.


They do not have many options on the menu and most of their food is kind of like street food from Bandung, West Java. From time to time, many Indonesians will come to this place because they miss their local food. I lived in Bandung for a few years and this food is familiar to me.

My favorite meal at Meetbowl is Batagor (deep fried siu mai, fried tofu and fried wonton served with peanut sauce). But this time I ordered Siomay Bandung which is very similar as it served with peanut sauce, but it has steamed siu mai instead fried, egg, potato and cabbage. Siu mai is very good and the peanut sauce is tasty.


I also ordered Bakso Specials. Beef balls, egg beef balls, stuffed tofu, fried chicken ball and fried chicken wonton with your choice of noodles or vermicelli or even steamed rice in beef broth soup. This is really good especially when you have it in winter. This is where the fried onion can be added on the top to make it more tasty. Do not forget to add sambal as well if you like it spicy.


This is a good place to have Indonesian food which not expensive and fast service. Despite the place is  not decorated, it is still a good place to hang around.

Pokoknya makanannya mantap deh buat yang kangen ama makanan bandung. Musti di coba. Enak dan murah.

In English means, the food is great especially for people who miss Bandung local food. A must to try. It is delicious and cheap.  I will definitely return!

Meetbowl on Urbanspoon

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