Jimmi Jamz

I was planning to catch up with some old friends on last weekend and we thought it would be good to go for lunch somewhere at Brunswick. My friend suggested we go to Jimmi Jamz. I checked the reviews on Urbanspoon and at that time it was only 33% (it has since improved to 48%) so I was not expecting anything special.

This is an Italian style restaurant and the menu consists mainly of pizzas and pastas. The restaurant is spacious, you will have option to sit inside or outside, we picked outside in the garden which was a good choice for a summer afternoon.

We ordered 3 pizzas and a pasta. The first pizza is moroccan lamb, minted yoghurt, lemon & mozzarella pizza. Two people ordered korean BBQ beef, capsicum, caramelised onion, Japanese mayo & mozzarella.

20130120_142423  20130120_142417

I ordered linguine with prawns, peas and mint. The pasta was served in a bit unusual way. It wrapped in the paper and baked in the oven. The menu did not explain how the pasta cooked so I was kind of hoping the sauce will be cooked to my liking, because I could not imagine how they are going to cook it. It was nice actually and I really enjoyed it.


I like this place for a casual hang out with friends. Good environment and friendly service. Place is spacious and kid friendly for anyone who likes taking kids to dine out. Prices are cheap and the portions of the food are good, what we had was perfect for a lunch size.  Definitely will come back.

Jimmi Jamz on Urbanspoon

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